Happy New Year (eve)!!

Hope you are having an awesome day so far, today I wanted to share the 13th part of the Top 13 of '13.

This is probably one of the most important pieces!

Creating a proper online sales funnel, the industry has definitely changed from a few years ago and those that embrace this new strategy will have a huge advantage over those that don't.

What is it?  You'll have to watch the hangout!


We're back!  In part 12 of the Top 13 of '13 series I wanted to share with you a phenomenal strategy for creating content.

This strategy works especially well if you are going in to a new niche, starting a new business or promoting a new product.  It helps get your name out there and establish your expertise.

I first heard about this a few years ago and was re-introduced this year and I've found amazing results so I had to share it with you!

Check it out!

Links Mentioned in the video:

Prosperity Team Training on this strategy

Traffic Geyser Training on the Strategy

Fail More to Succeed


Part 11 in the Top 13 of '13 series

The secret that most people won't tell you is that in order to have a successful business you will have to go through a series of failures, even once you have it you will still have failures.

However, they are not the end!

It was once said if you want to succeed on a massive scale you must fail more, and from my experience and the experience of many entrepreneurs around me I've found that this is true.


Welcome Back!

In part 10 of the top 13 of '13 series I'm going to share a strategy with you for getting some Google love. 

Google tries to design their algorithm to give preferential treatment to sites that create a great user experience.
While some of the ranking factors completely contradict this this strategy actually sticks to that mantra.

The strategy is called site siloing, and you may have heard of it because it is not necessarily a new tactic however many sites simply do not embrace it.
One of the biggest benefits besides it being more user friendly is the fact that any backlinks that are pointing to the website give 'link juice' to all of the pages instead of just stopping on one or two.

Friday Double Header


Happy Friday, gotta love these short weeks!

Yesterday I decided to spend some extra time with the family so today you are in luck, we have a training double header!

Instead of having a long video I've split it up into bite sized chunks but I promise it will be worht your time to check out all 3 parts!

I wanted to share a personal story with you (if you promise not to laugh), we all go through ups and downs and in the first video I share a short story and how I was able to overcome the challenge.

Part 8 of the Top 13 of '13

Are you posting regular content to your Facebook fanpage?  If not you will want to after seeing this video!  If you are you can leverage this little trick to get your content in front of THOUSANDS of prospects for about $150 a month.

The important piece to achieving success with this strategy is creating valuable contnet.  If done right you could get thousands of free visitors, find out how in the video.

Part 9 of the Top 13 of '13

If you are using paid traffic and you aren't using this strategy you are throwing money down the drain!

When you pay for a visitor to your site and they leave without buying that money is lost forever...

...that is unless you are doing this:

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