The anticipation is mounting as Dan Kennedy’s Recession Made Renegade Millionaire launch date is announced. The official date is March 5th at Noon unless you sign up here and get into the early bird list, then you will be given advanced access.

Dan Kenedy’s Recession Made Renegade Millionaire – What is it?

If you’ve never heard of Dan Kennedy you are in for a real treat, haled by some as the Godfather of Marketing. He is a serial, successful, multi-millionaire entrepreneur; trusted marketing advisor, consultant and coach to hundreds of private entrepreneurial clients running businesses from $1-million to $1-billion in size; and he influences well over 1-million independent business owners annually.

The Recession Made Renegade Millionaire program is a result of Dan and his decades of experience that he has used to study the past economic performance of the United States. He was surprised to discover that most millionaires are made during, and right after, a recession. In fact, because of the Great Recession, the number of millionaires is expected to almost DOUBLE in the next ten years.

If you know anything about Dan you know that although he is not as ‘hyped up’ as some speakers, when he is in front of an audience he is passionately changing lives through the strategies he teaches. His new course Recession Made Renegade Millionaire is no different.

Dan Kenedy’s Recession Made Renegade Millionaire – Who is it made for?

Similar to other programs taught by Dan Kennedy they are designed with the business owner in mind people that already own a business that they want to grow. However, Dan didn’t want to exclude anyone especially with the current state of the economy. So in Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Dan gives people that want to start their own business but haven’t had a chance to, the opportunity to learn what they need to do ‘fascinate’ their audience so they can be highly sought after from day 1.

The strategies he teaches will as always help current business owners create that marketing plan so they can crush their competition and own the market place. You business will never be the same after hearing what Dan has to say!

Dan Kenedy’s Recession Made Renegade Millionaire – Why should I care?

When it all comes down to is how you want to end 2012, just like it started? Or is this the year of the shift? When the rubber finally meets the road and business is something that can be enjoyed and the checks roll in faster than ever? For decades Dan Kennedy has been creating millionaires because they implement his strategies. At thousands of dollars an hour people pay Dan to learn from his amazing marketing knowledge and they keep coming back because it pays for itself. While Dan’s time is extremely limited and even with a connection most people would be hard pressed to get more than 2 minutes with him, he offers the opportunity to use his brain with Recession Made Renegade Millionaire.

In a few days he will be releasing a video in a training series that he is giving away for free as a countdown to the release of the Recession Made Renegade Millionaire course. These will only be available for a limited time so make sure to get on the early bird list now so you don’t miss them.

The last mini course he did he gave away 3 secrets that changed the way anyone was listening does business don’t miss these videos that most people would charge hundreds for!

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