A large number of people that are looking for a way to increase website traffic have come across a Traffic Geyser review. They are all over the web. We will dive deep into why use Traffic Geyser and who it will benefit in the article.

Traffic Geyser Review – Does It Increase Website Traffic?

One of the biggest questions that people are asking is will Traffic Geyser actually increase website traffic? The answer is it depends (of course not what you wanted to hear). You will find out more as you read this Traffic Geyser review but the main reason between having success with the tool and those that say it is a scam is pretty simple. It is not a magical tool that fairies will sprinkle magic fairy dust on your website and mysteriously you will have a flood of traffic, although that should be pretty obvious to anyone that is realistic.

Traffic Geyser Review - Increase Website Traffic

What Traffic Geyser does is publishes content, you produce, to a large number of online sources including video sites, article directories and blog sites then it will go back and socially bookmark that content and share it through social media. This gives you a wide variety of backlinks which is what Google uses to decide which site they will show when someone is searching online. So if you don’t make any content or you don’t use Traffic Geyser then of course it is a waste of money. But if you will use it the way it was designed by creating quality content that people want to see you will see results.

Traffic Geyser Review – How Does It Increase Website Traffic

The way Traffic Geyser increases website traffic is by putting your content in so many different places that Google will be forced to show it to people that are searching. To start it is recommended that you find popular keywords that people are actively searching for and create content around that. For example if you are a Chiropractor a question you probably get asked often is ‘what is that cracking noise I hear when visiting my chiropractor?’ So you would create a video explaining what that noise is, then you would either write or have someone else write an article explaining your answer, then turn that article into a blog post. Now take your video, article and blog post and login to Traffic Geyser. Create a catchy title (this can be the same for all three or you can change it up a bit). Create ‘tags’ also known as your keywords and choose a category. Then click submit.

From there Traffic Geyser will take your content and publish it to dozens of different sites over a period of time making it look more natural to Google and ultimately giving you better results. This will save you hours and hours it would have taken you to manually do these tasks. By having so many copies of your content online it will give you a big advantage over your competition that is only posting a video to YouTube or just a blog post to Word Press.

Traffic Geyser Review – What They Won’t Tell You

If you have read any other reviews they probably don’t tell you the down side but in this Traffic Geyser review I had to share it. Because this tool does to much for you it has a bit of a learning curve to it, don’t feel too overwhelmed though. The time you will take you to become proficient is far less than it would take you to try and do these tasks by hand.

In the most recent updates of the software they have made some great improvements too that dramatically decrease the learning curve. They have also beefed up their customer support staff and processes to make getting an answer to your questions easier than ever. When you login you will immediately notice the training that they have made available, not only to help you understand the tool but to also to get a better understanding of internet marketing in general.

Traffic Geyser Review – Bottom Line

If you are looking for a tool to help automate the tedious process of submitting content all over the web Traffic Geyser can be a great solution, however, if your looking for a ‘magic pill’ that will make you a million dollars with a couple clicks your in the wrong place (and probably on some pretty heavy medications!)

They are offering a $1 trail for your first month so if you want to check it out and see what all the hype is about you have picked a great time. You can visit their website here!

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